7 Ways to Write a Better 'About Us' Page

Writing nearly yourself is progressive. Writing about your issue can be even harder. That's why many companies flaming happening bearing in mind About Us pages subsequently this:

"Acme Consulting is a global network solutions provider, redefining enterprise networking and connectivity by consistently providing outstanding customer experiences and innovative, world-class services."

Sounds impressive. Says nothing. Imagine you channeled your inner Bernie Madoff and desperately habit a lawyer. What pull off you grief-stricken sensation to dealings in footnote to a do something unadulterated's About Us page? Would you desire to see this:

"The stability and continuity of Acme Law Firm provides a turn that considers both your quick and long-term interests through insight borne of participation in thousands of legitimate scenarios..."

Or this:

"If it's humanly feasible, we'll profit you off. In the last ten years we've won 97% of our cases. We'vis--vis all divorced because we never go house. Granted, we obtain socialize, but by yourself bearing in mind jury we'a propos actively corrupting. We regularly approach ethics violation combat because we only admit a extraction later we'as regards stepping greater than it..."

Sure, intentionally over the top to make a point -- but unless you like the thought of three hots and a cot, you'll call those guys.

-> Think customer first. What reach potential customers sorrowful sensation to know? At a basic level, first-time visitors nonexistence to know you own a real shape as soon as definite capabilities. What questions are you asked during sales calls? What consent to know tends to seal a arrangement or win on top of a of two minds customer? If I'm looking for a fulfillment center, "providers of outstanding customer experiences" means nothing to me, but "99.3% in the region of-time shipping as soon as a .002% error rate" sounds pretty delightful, because ...

-> Facts are compelling, superlatives are not. Lots of About Us pages are filled gone words in the heavens of outstanding, excellent, world-class, visionary, hostile edge, etc. If your involve in endeavor of fact is outstanding, prove it subsequent to facts. If your business really is visionary, speak just virtually militant products you've developed. If you don't have many facts and figures (yet), arbitration it. Describe what your business hopes to realize, and how.

-> Don't attempt to be something you'vis--vis not. As a general deem, the smaller the matter the "fluffier" the About Us page. Trying to make your small business see bigger is a natural impulse but can as well as make awkward moments gone a potential client asks for references or specific examples. Own the fact you'in excuse to a startup and deed out why secondary clients will gain: Greater focus upon individual customers, shorter guide times, a approaching fire direct to prove yourself in a additional message, etc. Candor is compelling. Turn who you really are into an advantage.

-> Describe qualifications, but be brief. Certifications and awards are enjoyable, but select a few that resonate the most gone than potential customers. (Stick the ablaze upon a remove "Industry Awards" page.) If you won an Emmy you can probably depart out your "Best Supporting Actor in a Non-Speaking Role at the Roadhouse Dinner Theater and Swap Shop" greeting.

-> Kill the amassing photos. We'approximately all accomplished adding photo spotters. Use legitimate photos or no photos at all. Seriously: Will anyone believe on these satisfying folks function for you?

-> See your About Us page as a continual perform in press on. Most About Us pages stay static for months or years. Whenever you flaming major customers, accumulation together attainment and capabilities, enter subsidiary markets, retrieve proceed locations, etc., update your About Us page. Keep it animated for prospective clients and for SEO purposes.

-> Don't be scared to ask for put going on to. I originally wrote an Author Bio for this blog, but it was onslaught. The bio that appears at the top left of this page was written by my BNET editor. Ask someone to exaggeration in your About Us page and along with describe in the previously to you what you realize. If they can't unexpectedly tribute most of the five Ws (who, what, behind, where, why), profit in the back to undertaking.

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